Jobs and the Economy

Nevadans are hurting. After an economic boom that lasted for decades we were hit by the recession worse than any state. The nation’s weak and slow recovery has been even weaker and slower in the Silver State, where we still suffer from the highest unemployment rate in the nation.

As a small business owner, Danny knows what it takes to create jobs. He also knows that too often the government stands in the way of job growth and economic development.

Danny will shake things up in Washington, D.C. and not settle for the failed status quo. He offers concrete steps the federal government can take to bring back jobs and promote economic development in Nevada and the rest of the country, without increasing spending or debt.

In Washington, Danny will work to bring our economy back. He will lead the charge to:

  • Eliminate regulations and legislation that are stifling businesses and killing jobs.
  • Free the states from federal strangleholds that prevent states from using their own land and resources for economic development and job creation.
  • Develop our own domestic energy resources.
  • Replace the current tax code with a fair tax system.

Our Veteran and Active Duty Warriors – National Treasures All

To speak about liberty and freedom without acknowledging the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform does a disservice to the very ideas of liberty and freedom.

Our Veterans and our active duty military have been on the front lines of our daily fight to protect our nation from a great and growing number of threats. For this, and a great many other things we owe a debt of gratitude to these brave men and women that we will, perhaps never be able to fully repay.

One in five homeless men has served their country in uniform. Countless more return home from service with needs that are well within our means to provide for, but our incumbent politicians fail them time and again. Our elected officials are paid well and on time, but the payroll of our military and the benefits to our most cherished citizens have become political footballs in the hands of the very people we elect to safeguard these provisions.

That we struggle with issues regarding pay, benefits, and healthcare for these patriots is a travesty in every sense of the word and that cannot continue.

While in Congress, I will do everything within my power to ensure that we elevate our nation’s warriors to the highest level of consideration on all matters and that no law or lawmaker will stand between our men and women in uniform and the benefits that are rightfully theirs.

God bless our veteran and active duty warriors – They are national treasures one and all.

Second Amendment – Securing Our Nation from Within

Whenever our elected officials speak of national security these days, it seems they are always talking about a conflict in a foreign country. What they neglect is the right and responsibility that every American has to secure our nation from within. In addition to offering ourselves and our families security, it also serves the national interest to maintain an armed, trained, and engaged citizenry. This is something that our founding fathers knew all too well, but they didn’t provide for this simply to address the threats that faced our nation during their time, but for all time.

The Second Amendment guarantees individual citizens the fundamental right to bear arms and Government must not infringe upon this inalienable right. The right to bear arms isn’t just about guns – it is part and parcel of the Framers’ unyielding defense of the right of each individual to protect their life and liberty within their community and in their home. It is the single most critical component to American freedom, bar none.

Illegal Immigration

The federal government’s sole responsibility is to protect the citizens of The United States. In continuing to allow the flow of illegal immigrants  into the U.S. we are eroding not only our economy and our infrastructure, but the rule of law. Without the rule of law we have no ability to protect our citizens whatsoever.

It is our nation’s greatest imperative that we secure our border immediately and forever. It is equally important that if we are to fund the educations of disadvantaged citizens, that we begin with our own citizens. As our economic struggles continue, it is our own citizens in urban and rural areas alike who most deserve access to our nation’s resources.

Perhaps the most sensible argument against illegal immigration is an economic one, but the most patriotic argument can be found in our nation’s laws and in the very protections that we are duty bound to defend in the name of freedom and liberty.