Tarkanian Responds to Horsford’s Latest Political Ploy

October 15, 2012

North Las Vegas, Nevada—Danny Tarkanian, Congressional candidate for Nevada’s 4th District, released the following statement regarding Senator Reid’s press call.

“Today, Steven Horsford and his campaign showed a new sense of desperation and panic,” said Tarkanian. “It is disappointing and disturbing that Senator Reid believes he decides Congressional elections, not the voters of Nevada’s 4th Congressional District. Apparently, Steven Horsford believes that having Senator Reid mislead the voters about the circumstances regarding my family’s personal affairs will cause Nevadans to look past his failed record as State Senate Majority leader, numerous ethical failures, and lack of ideas to help get the people of Nevada back to work.”

“The fact is several individuals and myself were part of an investment group that was defrauded by an individual and a bank in a real estate deal gone bad. This has happened to thousands of Americans as a result of the economic recession, especially here in Nevada. We are currently letting the legal process run its course and are engaged in settlement discussions as we await the appeals process. We feel very confident that either via settlement, or on appeal that we will have a favorable outcome. Contrary to Senator Reid’s statements, I have no plans to file bankruptcy.”

Harry Reid has had a lengthy political and financial relationship with Horsford and will stop at nothing to see his heir reach Washington.

·After Horsford hosted a lunch for Reid at the Culinary Training Academy (where Horsford is CEO), Reid said he would “do anything [he could] to help [Horsford],” and that someday Horsford might “get [Reid’s] job”.[1]
·Senator Reid has provided $476,000 in earmark funding for Horsford’s company Nevada Partners.[2]
·Senator Reid has given more than $7,000 to Steven Horsford and his Political Action Committee (PAC).
·Horsford and his PAC have given $5,500 to Senator Reid’s campaign.

Steven Horsford’s attempt to utilize Senator Reid’s supposed influence shows the desperation of the Horsford Campaign. Nevadans will not tolerate this form of political nepotism. America was built on the sanctity and integrity of its political institutions and its elected leaders. Danny Tarkanian will work to protect the legitimacy of those institutions and will not back down from those who do not feel similarly.

[1]Las Vegas Review Journal, August 29, 2008
[2]Nevada Appeal, March 11, 2009