Steven Horsford Crosses the Line

October 5, 2012

North Las Vegas Nevada—Today, Danny Tarkanian released the following statement in response to sensational Democratic attacks:

“I am fed up with Mr. Horsford and the DCCC blatantly twisting my words in order to deceive the voters of Nevada’s fourth district,” said Tarkanian. “The sad thing is that instead of focusing on the issues, Mr. Horsford and the DCCC are pushing lies and statements that are obviously taken out of context.”

Tarkanian’s comments are in reference to an ad by Steven Horsford’s Campaign and the DCCC that takes an interview Mr. Tarkanian conducted out of context in a desperate attempt to frame him as an extremist. The full clip of Mr. Tarkanian’s original statements can be seen below.

Horsford’s ad, which clearly takes Tarkanian’s words out of context, can be seen below.

This tired and uninspired attack should not come as a surprise. The tactic has been used so many times that Politico ran an article highlighting the DCCC’s absurd practice of describing a majority of Republican candidates as extremist Tea Partiers.

Once again, the Democratic Party has taken a page out of its broken playbook and tried to peg another Republican candidate as an extremist. Fortunately, the voters of Nevada are on to the underhanded and deceptive tactics of Steven Horsford and the Democratic Party.

Steven Horsford’s lies will not be tolerated in Nevada and will not be tolerated in Washington. Sadly, he cannot run on his record because it has been such an abject disappointment. So, he has resorted to the lowest of low, falsely accusing his opponent of being an extremist and distorting the facts.